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your allergen asistant

Call for action    

In recent years, allergies have been expanding exponentially, increasingly affecting the population. According to EAACI (European Association of Allergy and Clinical Immunology), by 2025 half of Europe’s population will be affected by allergic diseases caused by allergens, accentuated by increasing concentrations of bio-particles in the atmosphere, pollution and climate change.
In Romania there is no integrated system for monitoring bio-particles (pollen, early trees, grasses, fungi, mites, scales, pollen emitted by allergenic plants (eg ragweed) and warning the affected population.
Currently, airborne particles are detected and classified into different sizes PM1μm, PM2.5μm and PM10 μm, but not as a type of particle and its impact on health. (Bio-)particles are between 1 and 200 μm in size, some of them (certain types of pollen or shells) are not even detected by air quality sensors. For example, ragweed pollen is of several types and has dimensions between 16 and 27 μm in diameter, well above the detection of PM10.

AlergoTel solution 

Our solution is a premiere in the field by identifying and targeted actions on vario-types of (bio-)particles, in order to improve their effects on the population, having the following objectives:

  • Real-time monitoring of air quality by type of (bio-)particle, calculation of their concentration level and allergen potential, using interconnected smart devices and integrated services
  • Alert sensitive and/or affected individuals according to sensitivity to each type of (bio-)particle, recommending specific actions and monitoring their condition.
  • Monitoring and reporting the phenological level of allergenic plants emitting (bio-)particles, in order to alert and inform the population well before the particles are in the atmosphere.
  • Pro-active counseling and treatment of sensitive and/or affected people as well as monitoring their evolution, preventively reducing the massive flow on treatment centers or hospitals.
  • Extension of the pilot solution by interconnecting at national level with alarm and information systems for the population and authorities
  • Improving the necessary measures taken by harmonizing the national legislation with the European one in the field
Boy sneezes because of an allergy to ragweed

AlergoTel mobile application

All-in-one complete allergology application backend re-enforced by a network of sensors, which provide real time data bio-particles (pollen, fungus, mold, dust, microplastics) and air chemical composition (SO2, CO, NO2, VOC etc) around your location. Based on your allergic profile you are alerted and can join the community that identifies & eradicates the most critical allergically plant threats (like ambrosia artemisiifolia). 

 “The cocktail” of bio-particles and air chemical components is real-time match with your allergic profile to receive recommendations for current and next days.

Ambrosia artemisiifolia

Ambrosia artemisiifolia (popular name ragweed) it is a plant which releases pollen that causes allergic rhinoconjunctivitis and asthma. Allergic disease induced by this heavy alergic plant is on the rise in Romania (East Europe) because of a significant increase in the number of plants and the release of high concentrations of pollen. The spreading is related mainly to climate change: ,higher temperatures, changes in precipitation, atmospheric gases like CO2 and NO2, dust and air pollution prolong the growing season , increase the spread of the plant, and the number of pollen grains in the air.